Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Telling tales was a installation with The National Trust and Hackney Caribbean Elders. I Designed and mounted the exhibition and worked with the story teller Sandra Agard, photographer Tunde Shoderu and the Elders group to record and exhibit their stories of coming to England.
The exhibition was mounted in a collection of grips. One had an illustrated pop up book, one contained personal effects such as passports, letters and photographs, another had trinkets and gifts and the last recipes that people attending the exhibition could take away.
Back home The long trip over
Arriving in England
The streets were not paved with gold
Building a community and family values
(unfortunately the table was damaged during the exhibition) Going back home I really loved this project and the elders that took part had great histories. This was a very emotional project to work on as my parents also came to England to build a new life, fortunate for them they have been able to return to the Caribbean in their later years. I would also like to remember the elders who took part in this project that have now passed on.
This project is from the book Making  Memories Matter by Pam Schweitzer and Angelika Trilling


  1. Thank you. I will post more info from another reminiscence project that I work on. It was really interesting as I worked on the stories of two West African women.