Monday, 18 July 2011

Jump up to Junk heap

The compound that I take a pottery class in and also teach my jewellery workshop is
also used by the mass band SVG Players. I was flattered when the band leader Pollard Pilling
asked me to give him a hand with some of the costumes. The overall theme was At The Movies. I was asked to work on the Avatar section painting masks and Snow White where I would make the Seven Dwarfs. 
I have worked in London for ten years making all types of constructions for anything from christenings to outdoor festivals and fetish parties. Under normal circumstances I would say, no thank you.I don't think I need to go into the reasons except the main one that I question...Snow White in the Caribbean ? That didn't really work for me. Anyway after having a conference with my friend and healer Marilyn who told me nicely to stop being so silly, I went ahead. Below is the outcome.

The costume won the Queen Show

The nimble fingers of Pollard Pilling with his original drawing and example of
Dwarf no 1

The dwarfs pre glitter and fixing to costume.It took two days to draw up,cut, stick and
paint the fat boys. I also had a couple of helpers. 
Not sure of the time. My face says about 1.30 am. 

My favourite bit adding the glitter. The head wrap wasn't a fashion statement but there to keep glitter out of my locs. It didn't work.

One day your a winner in the Queen Show the next your on the scrap heap