Saturday, 26 November 2011

Deposited in the Bank

I was so happy when I got a visit from Charmaine the interior decorator for the soon to be opened Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Thank you to Robert Joyette, a fellow artist who had left my number with her. 
As I had not fired any of my work and did not have my own studio/showroom I invited her to the pottery studio that same afternoon.When she arrived with Erica of the famous pepper sauce I instantly liked her and she liked my work. I was commissioned to produce the pieces I had displayed  plus four paintings and two glass panels. 
St Vincent here I come !

Complete selection of smaller pieces

Large carved bowl

Pre firing. Large commissioned Water Carrier with
 the smaller original next to it

Large Lush vase
Pre firing. Commissioned large Water Jug with original 

I was so upset when I opened the kiln.
Any -how being the repetitive worker I am I was happy to make them all over again
and use these as planters in the garden for some kind of vine.

Small water carrier after firing and polishing

One of two fused class panels made in collaboration with
Michael Ross

Fire Dance acrylic on canvas. The framing was chosen by Charmaine 
and is a triple frame that I think works really well and was put together by the
lovely team at Rogers Framing Studio in Kingstown.

Fowl house

House inspired by the PMs old residence