Monday, 27 June 2011

Island Images

I have joined the arts group Art n Action and this is my first showing. It is
a mix of Vincentian artists and also artists that have made St Vincent their home.
There are fifteen artists showing painting, photograph, collage and digital work.

Paintings created for the exhibition. Acrylic on wooden panels

Hand painted and hand stitched journals/notebooks on sale at the exhibition

I have never been into beauty contests but we had a visit from the Miss Carival contestants and they were all lovely.Miss  St Vincent recognises
one or my images 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Earthly Bodies

This is a selection of the clay bodies we have found in St Vincent. The verity
is amazing and we have not really begun looking yet. The colours and textures are
 wonderful to work with and I am excited about the idea of finding some in my
back yard. 

The island is really effecting my work, there is a theme of fertility coming through that
was not planed. All around me is lushness , it rains things grow, I plant a seed it grows. 
I am a city girl so I am totally mesmerised by the beauty of the land and the people. 
I was walking through Kingstown and felt that I actually live here, I am no longer just a
visitor staying for a few weeks, this is now my home.