Wednesday, 18 August 2010


I was commissioned to produced the concept drawings for the Mela by EEA.
Concept drawing of parade
Elephant line drawing
I really liked the drawing of the elephant

The original mechanical elephant made of steel, driven from the seat on top with built in sound system. I worked with my favorite costume designer Emma Garofalo to realise the designs.

Emma expertly making the green pyjama base

Women's group stitching traditional patterns

Decorating the elephants outfit

I then added the pattern along with the panels made by a Bangladeshi womens group.

Elephant on parade in Brick Lane
Owl concept drawing main costume

Owl colour

Change of colour and Emma turned the drawing into a working costume

I worked with Emma stitching the costume and made the blocks
that were used to print the pattern. The flower motif ran through the whole parade 

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