Wednesday, 18 August 2010


This was a commission for Temple Gardens in London. Temple Bar has an annual party and I had the job of decorating the marquee. The theme was Brazil. Paraiso supplied plenty of feathers and costumes that I worked into wall decorations and Rachael provided the inflatable flowers. I was responsible for the overall look and design as well has making flowers and fluff to decorate the space....lovely
Commissioned by EEA

If you like glitter and feathers you would have loved this project. It took me and four friends Marilyn, Joan, Akua and Ken ( +Jeremy) a week to make ten flowers, four center pieces, drapes and exterior decoration.

The centre pieces were approximately 4 ft high.
A selection of highly decorated flowers formed the centre pieces for  the wall

Human catherine wheel and gigantic spinning flower from EEA in the gardens

Marque. Large inflatable flowers from Location Inflation

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