Friday, 4 February 2011

Captain Guy

I joined a group of A level Art students from St Vincent Community College and their tutor the fine artist, business women and writer Vonnie Roudette on a visit to meet the amazing 90 year old Captain Guy.

Captain Guy with a tray full of nutmeg and mace

Coco beans

Ground coco beans

Raw coco butter


Grinding dried breadfruit

Delicious breadfruit and coconut pancake

Students helping to prepare the land


Dried Sorrell

a cool drink of Sorrell at the end of the day

Captain Guy will be producing a how to cookbook,
his skills are invaluable. Please sign up and leave 
a comment and we will keep you updated


  1. I love the story and pictures so full of life.

  2. He is really amazing and produces everything he eats on our island of St Vincent. His organically grown produce is becoming popular with the young people.